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Alderney has GREAT facilities on nearly every beach -

Braye (fine white sand and clear sheltered waters), showers, WCs, bars and restaurants.

Longis (south facing, sandy with shallow water), WC & bar/restaurant.

Saye, Arch & Corblets (surf, rockpools and soft white sand), WC & cafe.
The island is chock full of history, from stone age, through Roman and tons of Victorian forts.

During the second world war the islands were all heavily built on by the Nazis. Forming a major part of the Axis "Atlantic Wall".
The sea in the Channel and Bay of St Malo is renouned for its tidal range, at low water the landscape changes completely.

Caution is advised though when rockpooling, check the tide tables and weather!
The only train service in the islands - it runs using old London Underground cars, from the lighthouse to the harbour.
With no polution the air in Alderney is so clear it is perfect for artists of all kinds, every view is worth a million words.
Welcome to the Harbour Lights